I am an artist living and enjoying life in beautiful Colorado. I have been an artist and designer most of my life, perpetually curious I am always searching for inspiration. If you want to buy any prints of what you see here, check out ArtPal & Society6.

Below are select works from many years of working through ideas and explorations, more is coming, including new works, an archive section and a sketchbook section.

Abstract Painting

Using metaphysical influences as a springboard, I start painting with an empty mind using a free flow approach, as the painting progresses, unique forms take shape, ideas and personality start to evolve, life is born on the canvas.

Distance Portraits

The popularity of the selfie has undoubtedly been a “thing” for some time, it is now part of our culture. “Distance Portraits” series. Influenced by Alberto Giacometti’s vision and attempt to depict people at a distance, revisited by me as a way to communicate that through social media, although we share quite a bit, we still lack that physical connection we all need.