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Art, Design & Motion

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New Design

This is it, the latest product, and design system work. This section is always updating so please comeback for new stuff being added everyday. This section does need a PASSWORD, if you need one, let me know.



Product design has been my main focus over the last 20 years. See where I spend most of my time.

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New Motion

Most of 2018 was spent in After Effects and working with developers in the creation of micro-animations. This section is always being updated so please come back to see updates. This section needs a PASSWORD.



Motion is my passion, I love to craft the timing just right to communicate and inspire.



Paintings and drawings spanning multiple styles and hundreds of works. Tour the select collection.


My little Store

I literally have hundreds of paintings and drawings. Only a couple are displayed here now, see more at my Etsy store or please comeback as this is getting updated every week.


Etsy Store

There is a more complete collection of select works at my Etsy store, if you don't want to buy anything, (which you will because your awesome) then at least "Like" my store.


My Weird Music

I noodle around in song creation, have a background in drumming and love music and even had the great fortune to create some professionally. 


Who is this guy

Go read a bit about me and find out what I'm up to here on Earth, the best planet ever!